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By Tonjua D.

Caring for those Who Once Cared for you

This book is a guide for those newly placed in the caregiver role by sharing stories of those who have experience with becoming the primary caregiver for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. This book also aims to give insight on the importance of self C.A.R.E to avoid burnout by providing various resources to help in both facets of caring for them and yourself!

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Tonjua D.

I am a first time author sharing my journey becoming a caregiver of parent diagnosed with Dementia as well as inheriting the care of my older sister with Cerebral Palsey whom my mom took care of since birth. I am happy to share my story including some of the struggles of being a caregiver and resources for help in this role. It’s a humbling path when not only caring for loved ones but learning to implement Self-Care during the process.

Tonjua D. Wilson

I was inspired to write my book by my family members in my care. Initially, I had no idea how to handle the new responsibility or where to find sorely needed assistance. I wanted to provide guidance to those who may also be thrusted into this position without a clue of what to do in the beginning stages and beyond. Help is out there; even groups geared to the African American culture. I help direct you to support online and through local / state agencies.

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Loved it!

Your book has given me great inspiration!

– Evelyn L.


Now I don't feel so alone

Hearing her story helped me realize there is support available for people like me.

– Jecari L.


Full of resources

My family had no idea what to do and now we have a great starting point.

– Gerry W.


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